That's pretty Nifty.

N'fiy "Nifty" Tia


Nifty would strike most as an unassuming, half-baked old coot looking to get under people's skin. He’s curious and playful to a fault, often earning himself trouble. But beneath the childish, mischievous exterior lies a resourceful, passionate, and perhaps troubled man that runs from his own melancholy by seeking thrills in the unexpected.

He grows older by the day, but remains forever young in his spirit.

Nifty is the shameless author of a selection of questionable literature, ranging between serious and comical, and all salacious in nature. They primarily feature interracial Beast Tribe romances. His more notable titles include "Star-crossed Lizards: An Au Ra and Amalj'aa Liason", "Snogging Sahagin," and "Pounded in the Butt by a Handsome Magitek Exosuit".







When he decides it is


Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te





Marital Status

In a relationship


Retired informant, author


The Topmast (Ward 5)


It is a mystery

Patron Deity






Auburn with graying streaks






5fm, 7im


Dad bod, flexible

Distinguishing Features

His eyes speak for themselves; they are alight with mischievous energy. He also has two nicely groomed mutton chops.


Nifty dresses comfortably and fashionably... and sometimes not-so-fashionably. Some of his button up shirts are unspeakably garish.

Common Accessories

A pair of reading glasses with the lenses poked out he wears to look “distinguished”, linkpearl


Positive Traits

Positive, goofy, observant, sentimental

Neutral Traits

Mischievous, nosy, wistful, talkative

Negative Traits

Depressed, alcoholic, secretive, tormented


Nifty enjoys mischief, eavesdropping, flirting, writing, sunbathing, socializing, smoking, and drinking.

Dislikes & Fears

There isn't much that Nifty appears to denounce outwardly, tending to be selective about the battles he picks.

Nifty is afraid of being misinterpreted as insincere, losing loved ones, loneliness, romantic commitment, and himself.


Careful. Ask Nifty about where he came from and he'll never let you hear the end of "the good ol' days."

Nifty tries to maintain a mysterious visage by refusing to reveal anything of actual substance when discussing his past.


  • Nifty dotes over his daughter Bolele.

  • Claims his hearing isn't what it used to be, but retains his knack for eavesdropping nonetheless.

  • He has a paissa brat that just sorta followed him home one day. He nicknamed him Buddy.

  • Nifty suffers from a crippling alcohol dependence, though this happens behind closed doors and most never even see him pick up a bottle.


Social Butterfly

Nifty loves having harmless fun with others. He flirts, jokes, and laughs with high extroverted energy.

Found Family

Nifty is always keen on sweeping those who need a parental figure in their lives up under his wing.

Strong Bonds

Nifty likes to foster meaningful relationships with people. He does however struggle to keep romantic ones, which leads to...

No Strings Attached

Nifty loves fooling around with no stipulations.


The old cat is addicted to the adrenaline surge of finding and escaping life-threatening danger.

The Lonely Nights

Nifty hides many of his deeply repressed issues very well and doesn't seem to open up about them often.

Writer's Notes

Thanks to my forgetful nature, I keep these notes to ensure I am always on my A-game when writing Nifty.

Not sure how you ended up here if I didn't link you, but there's lots of spoilers and meta knowledge here, so turn away now if you're not interested.

How to Write a Nifty


  • Nifty's demeanor is almost always goofy and kind. He acts with best intentions in mind for those he loves or wants to get to know, even if his actions do not reflect him very well. He tends to get carried away in his japery and has to backpedal and offer sincere apologies for getting off on the wrong foot. He does not consciously toy with people. What he seeks with his antics is to have fun with the people he is engaged with.

  • Nifty's emotions are intense, and he tends to be very melodramatic and sappy. He's overbearingly sentimental and will hold on to stuff that not many would think to otherwise. He has pressed flowers in his apartment from when Bolele was little, some of her old toys, etc.

  • Nifty cracks awful dad jokes and laughs at them. Usually he is the only one to laugh. This is okay by him.

  • Nifty lets things slide off his back with ease, and is willing to forgive and forget more often than not.

  • Nifty is morally gray and biased at times. He tends to pick and choose what he will tolerate. He would not condone murder from someone he hardly knows, but if Bolele did, his first impulse would probably be to help hide a body, ask questions later.

  • Is notoriously disorganized. His personal spaces tend to be tornadous disasters.

  • Nifty is a shameless flirt, but he will never impress upon someone clearly put off by his advances. He's the "don't know until you try" type-- if he scores a night of fun then cool, but no need crying over spilled milk if he does not. The instant someone else appears totally uninterested, he will back off and attempt a more friendly approach instead. He is very, very receptive towards those he thinks are just after a night of fun. If he thinks someone might be trying for more than just a one night stand, he will promptly lay his ideals out on the table to offer the other the opportunity to back down. He knows what he is after, and he never seeks to take advantage of anyone's desire for partnership.

  • Nifty will try anything at least once in bed. He's participated in some fuckin' weird shit. He's also a huge advocate for safe, consenting sex and will rattle off about it if given the chance.

  • Nifty loves those he looks after, and does his best to be a good example to all of them. His personal issues sometimes cause him to be absent, but he never purposefully aims to neglect anybody, much less his kids.

  • Nifty will go apeshit if any serious harm comes to those he cares for. Bolele is an utmost priority to this rule. He will not fucking hesitate. He will snap someone's neck.

  • Nifty attempts to be genuine wherever he can, however he does continue to employ some dishonest practices from his previous line of work, such as pretending to be drunk, listening in on conversations, portraying himself in an incapable, sometimes senile light, etc. The things he is dishonest about should never step beyond "white lie" caliber. Old habits die hard.

  • Nifty likes to lead people to believe he is less than what he is capable of. He likes surprising people who learn more and more about him as time goes on. He always wants to be mysterious to those he associates with.

  • Nifty is often misunderstood due to his wishy-washy nature. He commits to found family but cannot seem to find himself committing to a romantic relationship. He messes around with people but claims he's not trying to do it at anyone's expense. He claims he's more capable than he lets on-- he's just hard to get a proper read on.

  • Nifty has always been good with his hands. He likes to do handiwork and tends to have a knack for it. He performs his own minor repairs quite often.


  • Nifty is deeply troubled, despite his smiley appearance. He uses his extrovertedness like a weapon against his own issues, but it only serves as a temporary distraction and not a substantial solution. He is debilitatingly lonely, caught in a perpetual self-defeating loop. After becoming caught up in his line of work at a much younger age, Nifty began drawing up excuses why he could never stick around. He internalized this before long, and now there is intense discomfort associated with the idea of keeping someone so close romantically due to the dangers that were once involved. "I'm a free spirit," he will say, when in truth he wants nothing more than to start a family with someone he loves deeply.

  • Nifty socializes to cope with the above, but when that is no longer an option, he heavily smokes, drinks, and gambles (monetarily and with his own life).

  • Goes without saying, but most never see his more depressive side. He hides it to the best of his ability, and it usually doesn't occur to anyone since he's usually making some kind of high energy scene.

  • Nifty will often say "it's past my bedtime" when departing in the evening time, but that is often a code phrase for "it's time for me to drink myself to sleep."

  • Does not become properly shitfaced any time before 5PM. If he is caught fucking around anytime before that, he is likely just tipsy and vastly overplaying it to have fun or to eavesdrop.


  • Nifty has never breathed a word about his origins, and likely never will. He considers it is a chapter best left in the past that has no bearing on how people know him now.

  • Nifty is never clear about what he did for his previous boss, Rerejagu Lalajagu. Rerejagu was a monetarist gunning for a seat with Ul'dah's wealthiest and most elite, the Syndicate. The things that were asked of Nifty were almost always heinous, and if they didn't appear to be at first, it was easy to assume his actions would be contributing to some fucked up domino effect that would screw someone by the end. Nifty has lied, cheated, stolen, and killed for that man.

  • Nifty brought on Aiswyda as his retainer after realizing he needed a capable hand assisting him in tasks he no longer had the bandwidth to tackle due to the demanding nature of his job. Aiswyda went though an intense interview process that include a double, triple, and quadruple check to make sure that assisting Nifty is what she truly wanted to pursue. There was full disclosure that there was a high likelihood that Aiswyda would become roped up in the inescapable nature of his job.

  • Nifty is no longer working for Rerejagu thanks to Zed's efforts, but Nifty remains exceedingly paranoid of Jagu's eyes and ears all over Eorzea. Nifty is well aware that he's likely become one of the same people that Jagu used to send Nifty to keep tabs on.

  • Aiswyda shares that her former boss, Nifty, used to hit on her mercilessly. What she will never share is that it worked, and they used to play around regularly. Knowing Aiswyda would not be comfortable with him telling everybody and their mother, he keeps this tidbit all for himself.